Natural Affordable Dentures

Due to advances in dental technology, dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever! If you are missing teeth and you would like to improve your speaking and chewing ability while enhancing your face’s appearance, you should consider stopping by our office for a denture consultation. At our dental office, we cater to senior citizens and provide many services tailored to improving senior oral health, including full and partial dentures, bridges and dental implants—all affordably priced with senior citizen discounts!

**All patients 50 years and older will receive a 15% discount and a free exam**

Dentures and Partial Dentures

We are able to make a full set of custom dentures in two days. If you are missing a significant number of teeth—or all of your teeth—we may suggest that you consider dentures as an alternative to further tooth loss and/or poor oral health. Since we are committed to providing our senior patients with excellent dental care, we accept many forms of insurance and can help you arrange payment plans to ensure that you receive the oral health care you need.


A bridge is a tooth-replacement method that “bridges the gap” between missing teeth. By assessing your oral health and taking into consideration your budgetary restrictions, we may recommend a bridge over a denture. Since not everyone is a candidate for dental bridges, we will begin the tooth-replacement process with a consultation which will help us learn more about your oral health, lifestyle, oral hygiene, and physical health limitations.

Albuquerque, NM Denture Services

If you are looking for full or partial dentures in Albuquerque to improve your smile and oral health, we can also provide same-day denture relines—which need to be done at least every two years due to the normal shifting of your mouth.

Contact us at 505-298-8103 to learn how you can get quality Albuquerque dentures.


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